Why I Keep My Files in Dropbox

This post is part of the series The Best Tools and Techniques for Winning at Business and Life

Dropbox for File Sharing

Free with paid version available for home users with large amounts of data enhanced collaboration features for business

Dropbox makes it a breeze to sync files between multiple computers and multiple people. It is simply a must-have application for anyone who needs access to files from multiple places. Even more than that, if you need to share files with business associates, Dropbox makes this task a breeze. You simply set up your files in your own folder structure and share only the specific files and folders you need to share. You have complete control over who has access to the files, and you get notifications anytime someone updates them. This is great for teams who are separated by geographic distances or work in different time windows.

Another really helpful feature of Dropbox is that it maintains a list of previous versions of your files. This comes in SO handy when you make a regrettable edit or deletion to an important file and need to get it back. Just a few clicks takes you back to happier times. This has saved me countless times in application development.

In-Sync and Available on All Your Devices

With apps for every type of device under the sun, dropbox puts your files where you need them when you need them. At any given time a quick open of the app puts you in touch with the information you need, with the ability to share


If you use any other web-based service, there’s a great likelihood that it integrates with Dropbox. Through integrations you can link to and share files directly from your applications, often without ever needing to download the file.

Simplified Sharing

With Dropbox it’s easy to share files with other people, and to share very large files. No more worrying about how much you can send in an email, or trying to find creative ways to send information to other peoples. Thanks to Dropbox’s share feature and built-in file viewers, your recipients can easily view or download any file you send.

LINK: Why Dropbox is Awesome for Programmers (and everyone else)

LINK: http://www.dropbox.com


This post is part of the series The Best Tools and Techniques for Winning at Business and Life

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