Since We Said Goodbye to Cable

A few months ago my wife and I decided to shut off our satellite television service.  It wasn’t because we wanted to become “cord-cutters” or because the content offended us, or because tv was poisoning our children.  Our reasoning was purely financial.  The package of programming that allowed us to have childrens TV, home and garden programming, without any premium movie channels or any of that nonsense, was fetching from out of our clutches the amount of around $75.


For TV.  That was crazy talk.  I haggled with the service company, wrestled over the course of a year and ultimately, eventually, shut it off altogether.  Many urged us to pit the companies against each other, switch from company to company every two years and everything else.  But remember we’re talking about Television here.  It’s useless. Why bother.

So we called the company, shipped back the equipment and nervously wondered what we’d do now.

A lot, as it turns out.  We still have TV.  — we’re not crazy.  We watch the morning news, we have netflix to keep the kids from taking up arms in revolt, and we rent movies from redbox and amazon instant from time to time.  So since we cut ties, here are some things that have changed.

  • We read more
  • We spend more time talking to each other
  • We play more games of the card, board, and video persuasions
  • We listen to music more
  • We dance more
  • We create more
  • We laugh more

Why on earth did we wait so long?

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