Great By Choice by Jim Collins

Winner. Good book. Worth reading more than once. Listened to it on audiobook last year and am reading back through it again now in electronic print on my Kindle app. Couple of notes on the format: I normally choose print versus audio, because it sinks in better and is easier to reference at a later time. One exception is Jim Collins. He reads his own books and does so with enthusiasm and energy that makes the book anything but dull. Collins is a safe bet in audio.

Collins goes through some down-to-earth truths about breaking through from normal to extraordinary, such as:

  • Plan meticulously. ┬áPlan for even worse than the worst.
  • Repeat your daily must-dos with religious fervor
  • Taking risks the careful way

This is book is a fresh batch of research presented in the traditional Jim Collins voice, and is well worth a the read.

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