Fighting Away From The Rocks

Let me start by saying I wrote this blog post specifically around the image.  I didn’t set out to do that for today’s blog post; I intended to give a demonstration of how to use some really cool technologies to make your life as a developer easier.  Here’s what happened.

I’m cruising swiftly toward the end of a very frustrating week.  It’s just been one of those weeks where nothing seems to work out the way I planned it, and each day puts me a little farther behind schedule.  At one point today I actually caught myself just staring off into space, thinking what-in-the-WORLD-has-happened-to-this-week? It’s just like the picture.  Some people might see the ocean in all its blueness and vastness and potential.  I see that too, but what I see first is…

A Bunch of Rocks

That’s what this week has been like.  It’s like we have this grand voyage to embark upon, but we keep getting smashed up against those rocks are are getting nowhere.  Just when we get a stroke ahead a big wave smacks us in the face and slams us back up against those jagged, unrelenting rocks.

Climbing the Cliff

It’s obvious the same approach is useless, so I think it’s time to climb up the rock face, and create a new plan.  And once we’ve got a new plan, we’re going to find a runway and launch out into the open water where those rocks can’t drag us down.

What’s Dragging You Down This Week?

This week has definitely been more than I’d bargained for.  What’s been challenging you this week, and better yet — how are you going to refocus and relaunch for better success? Comment in the spaces below, or hit me up on twitter @sed8me.



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