Clonezilla is my ugly friend

Of all the tools in my bag of tricks Clonezilla is one of the ugliest. It’s minimalist, Linux-ey, LaTex-ey, and not that friendly. But time and time again I find myself using it to pull myself out of jams.

Today I am installing a new computer for a VIP who was able to live without the machine for a day. After taking tons of notes and preparing myself for a clean install, circumstances forced me into imaging the existing installation of the OS onto the drive from the new machine.

I used Clonezilla’s partition-to-image feature to make a backup of the OS my colleagues at the office had prepared for me yesterday (so if something went wrong I wouldn’t need to repeat the out-of-box experience). Then made an image of the source drive just to be safe, and restored the image of the source HD to a partition on the new drive.

All in all this nightmare job is shaping up to be not so horrible, thanks to the hideous beast that is Clonezilla.



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