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Microsoft OneNote

This post is part of the series The Best Tools and Techniques for Winning at Business and Life Microsoft OneNote is a really great application, and it seems to be getting better with each release.  In the last year it seems Microsoft has felt the pressure from competing products like...
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Clonezilla is my ugly friend

Of all the tools in my bag of tricks Clonezilla is one of the ugliest. It’s minimalist, Linux-ey, LaTex-ey, and not that friendly. But time and time again I find myself using it to pull myself out of jams. Today I am installing a new computer for a VIP...
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Simple DIY: Start Your Own Blog

This is the first of two articles on how to set up a personal blog quickly and easily. This method employs Google’s Blogspot service, which is free to start up and is EXTREMELY simple for beginners. Blogspot is also very versatile, and is used by some very spiffy bloggers....
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