What Marbles Taught Me About Life

Today started with a fabulous brisk walk in the cool autumn air, blood pumping, mind waking up and filling up with positivity. It was going to be a pretty good day.  We had an appointment with a doctor for one of the kids, and while waiting in the lobby I noticed this really neat mosaic sconce made from marbles.  Didn’t think much about it at the time, but thought enough of it to take a photo.

While at the doctor’s office with my family the news we received wasn’t quite what we had envisioned for the day.  Things were going to be fine, but we going to go a completely different direction than expected.  It struck me that life is a lot like the sconce.

Life gives us a lot of marbles that, of themselves, look uninteresting and unremarkable.  But from the perspective of the one who created the mosaic they all have purpose, they belong exactly where they are, and the end result is beautiful.


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