Say Yes

Recently I was given the opportunity to help lead songs at our church and in the short time I’ve been doing this I have been amazed at how rewarding it has been.

As it turns out, when you make time and room available for God in your life he can do way more with it than you ever could have done with that time or space.  If you have a nagging sense that you should be doing something for God, I highly recommend that you say yes to whatever that thing is, and then hang on for the amazing journey you’re about to embark upon.

Here are some of the fun and unexpected surprises that have come out of the experience in just a few weeks’ time.

I Get Out of It More Than I Put In

This should not have been such a surprise to me, but it was.  There’s a ton of people doing a ton of work between the Sundays so that you and I can stroll our sleepy-eyed, donut crusted faces into the church building and halfheartedly listen to some guy talk about something or another and halfheartedly mouth words to songs while thinking about The Game and The Chili — if we even bother to show up at all.  Who knew?  When we show up and really tune in we get so much more from it than we put in.

Roots Grow Deeper

Working hard with a purpose pulls you closer to your purpose. And when that purpose comes from God he gets all freaky supernatural with the time and effort you offer up. Like that time-space thing I mentioned at the beginning of this post.  You give him space in your life and he moves in, sets up shop… hires a staff, knocks down a few walls and puts in a foosball table.


Yeah, You Really Do Have Time

As our family has said yes to a few of these “God things” over the last couple of years we’ve worried whether we’ll have the time to follow through. Will we say yes only to find out we’re miserable because we’re “busier” now, or disappoint people when we sputter out of gas?  So far we haven’t run out of gas or out of time.  When you make time for important things, you have all the time you need.

Say Yes.

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