Crank Your Workday Enthusiasm up to Eleven

One key element that consistently adds to the success and enjoyment of a workday is having positive interactions with coworkers.  Anytime we encounter a person who has an upbeat attitude with a cheerful manner we tend to contribute more to the conversation and walk away from it feeling energized.

The Habit

I say BE THAT PERSON with the upbeat attitude and cheerful manner. While you may not naturally beam sunshine everywhere you go, there are a few simple things you can add to your day to increase the amount of fun you have, which will improve your interactions with others.  Anytime we can improve the days of those we meet we pave the way for better relationships, more opportunity, and in the process increase our sense of self-worth.

The Method

As often as possible, I start the day with movement.  For me that means walking or jogging for 30 minutes (or longer, if time allows).  It’s not always the first thing on my mind, but I have never — not even once — regretted going out for a exercise once I got started.  Without exception, getting started with a little exercise in the morning improves my day every time.  I start the day with a clearer mind and less stress, and find my thoughts are easier to organize and the projects I work on require less effort to begin when I’ve started with movement.

During the morning exercise I often listen to music, news, podcasts, or just tune in to whatever nature is happening around me as I go.  I try to make sure that the things going into my brain are helpful and positive things.  Whatever we fuel up with tends to come back out naturally, so I try to make sure what’s fueling my morning mindset looks like success when it comes back out to others I meet throughout the day.

If at all possible, I try to work in at least a small amount of carefully-selected music that inspires me to have fun.  Doing this as closely as possible before the workday starts really puts me in a mindset to help people I meet have a better day.  I used to start the day Dwight Schrute style but I’ve learned more recently that any music that makes me smile and feel like dancing in my chair is the best way to go.

The Tool

spotifyiconHere’s a playlist I’ve been grooming for just such an occasion as the workday:

Darren’s Spotify Playlist for Workday Enthusiasm


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