Earlier Recordings

Music is one of the more remarkable gifts of this life.  We all know in some way how to make it from nothing, and once we’ve tapped into that it’s accessible anywhere and at any time.

“Gibson” – Original
My Uncle Ralph left behind a Gibson L4 and my Aunt Arlene gave me this guitar when I was yet a fool. I regret I no longer have the guitar but luckily I have this lone recording. The tuning is something i can’t put my finger on. i think i custom tuned just a couple of the strings to get a funky sound that worked with the finger picking involved with this tune.

Stress Relief – Original

Indian Riding a Motor Scooter – Original

Sunshine Canoe – Original


hey you
Hey You – Original


Real – Original.  melodies


Waiting on an Angel – Ben Harper
ovation acoustic and a 50-gallon fish tank.

 with aaron

I had a friend named Aaron and he liked to sing. i enjoyed playing guitar while he sang, and this is a pastime we enjoyed frequently. For the most part just got together and played a few tunes for fun.


The Bends – Radiohead


Creep – Stone Temple Pilots


“untitled” – original

other originals

These last few are from a hangout with friends.  mostly improvised or recycled tunes. Aaron singing, me on guitar

an anthemy song

a defiancey song

a light tune

something with a slow start and a neat ending

a ballad


Rustic Hand Crafted Music