virtual lab

tonight i’m at the kitchen table doing virtual labs on my laptop while kenzie paints the ceiling in the living room. now before you call me an awful brute, it was her wish and idea to paint, and has requested no help from me. i’m sure she’d not turn help down, except for that she tends to have to redo whatever painting i do… so it’s better this way.

so in the labs i am building a zenoss server on a private virtual network (not a VPN) and it’s getting its internet through the private interface of a smoothwall VM, which in turn gets its internet through a NATted version of my laptop’s wireless NIC. in a host window i’m experimenting with doing a dd of my running OS partition to an image file for later dump to a VM. should be interesting to see if it even *thinks* about booting. even if it doesn’t, that might be a viable backup method for me until i can come up with something faster. amazingly my running config is around 6 GB not including the gigantic windows VM i use for work. the way i see it, it’s expendable. even a bare metal build of my laptop consumes only a couple of hours whereas a windows buildup takes like 16, so the point of backing up is mostly moot. regardless, i press on in search of knowledge.

ok so zenoss is done installing. time to fire up a vm of windows on that private virtual network i’ve got. i happen to have one of those handy…

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