The Content of the Weekly Review and Planning

I’ve kept the habit of the Weekly Review and Planning for a good while now and for the most part have not changed it that much. It’s a solid habit from which I’ve benefited greatly. If you haven’t started this habit I highly recommend that you consider it for yourself. The content hasn’t so much changed for me as it has matured.  The basic idea here is taking 15 to 30 minutes to step back from the work and consider the impact you’re having.

Did you accomplish what you set out to do this week?  Were you effective in communicating with your team?  Do you need to make any adjustments next week?  Do you need to seize the opportunity to reach out and tell someone thanks for a great job?


What work did you do this week?  Nothing fancy, just a word or two about the most important things you completed.  If nothing was completed what projects did you work on?


What are a couple of things you’re proud of?  Are there any changes you wanted to make recently that you got right this week?  What projects did you really get right?


What didn’t go as planned this week?  Is there something you know you should have done but never got around to?  Was your communication less than stellar with your team?  What needs a little work next week?

Lessons Learned

What did you learn from the experience of this week?  How will you be better next week as a result of having gone through this one?

Next Week Will Be Successful If…

By the time you get to Friday you probably already have the schedule set for next week.  Even so, it’s important to make sure what you have planned includes what really matters.  If not, this is a good time to make an adjustment you’ll thank yourself for next Friday.

What’s New

What’s new is that as this process has matured for me I’ve found myself spending a few extra minutes jotting things down throughout the week.  Sometimes when something happens in the week I might take a moment to jot a note down on my iPhone to go into the WR&P.

There are a lot of times I find that after a meeting or during church or while I’m reading a book I find something new to throw into the Lessons Learned section.  It turns out there’s a lot to learn from life, and it’s useful all over life, wether we’re at work or not.

How’s It Working Out For You?

I’d love to hear how this habit is working out for you.  For me I’ve been able to make some noticeable improvements in my quality of work, interactions with team members, and life at home.  This simple habit continues to pay off week after week, year after year.


When, by Daniel Pink

Among the topics in this book, around the middle of the book the author describes the research that supports why good endings and beginnings matter.  In this case we’re creating a thoughtful ending for our week and setting next week up for a great beginning.

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