Simple DIY: Start Your Own Blog

This is the first of two articles on how to set up a personal blog quickly and easily. This method employs Google’s Blogspot service, which is free to start up and is EXTREMELY simple for beginners. Blogspot is also very versatile, and is used by some very spiffy bloggers. Ok, you’re sold, right? Let’s get you blogging…

NOTE: you can click the images for a larger version.

If you don’t have one, get a Google account (AKA gmail address)

Name your blog and get an address. This is tricky. Because Google has made this so very simple for us, there are a lot of us who have already signed up. Some of us seem to think alike and choose the same names for our poetic outlets. Keep trying, you’ll find a name no one has chosen, like BULLFROG SONG!

I was amazed that no one had chosen that name already. How lucky i was, and how unfortunate for the next person who wants to use that name, only to find that i have squandered it on this How-to post on an unrelated blog. My apologies to posterity. Next, choose a theme. You can change this later, so it’s not all that important at this point.

No, you didn’t miss anything… it’s really that easy. You’re a published blogger, ready to wow the world with your words.

Just a bit of tweaking now to get things set juuuuust right. Pick your theme and color scheme…

…and your layout…

… and maybe start work on your first post. The screenshot below is pretty busy, but here’s what’s happening. Clockwise from the top left, we have clicked “POSTING” and then typed a title for the post.
Then we’ve entered some text.
Then we clicked to add a picture. We just happened to have one for the occasion.
We browsed on our computer to find the picture.
We selected said picture and clicked all the appropriate OK buttons in reverse…

…stopping at the last one to accept the terms and conditions we never read in the first place.

Now that our fingers are worn to the nubs from all that clicking we have as our reward the sweet justice of seeing our picture on the internet. …

… that, and this awesome confirmation message from our friends at Google.

At long last we can pull up our site and see the fruits of our labor. A bullfrog song for all to see and love and follow.

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