nifty tool

I’m writing this entry today from a little program that runs on my computer. if it works right it should post all my inner-most thinking directly to the blog with the greatest of ease. as of this very second my innermost thoughts are fairly empty and nonexistent. not much going on really. i’ve been computering quite a bit this evening, fixing my computer, and kenzie’s and assisting with bridget’s via telephone. she got into some smitfraud i guess and it seems to have been giving her a hard time. hope my last patch of advice helped out. i haven’t heard back from her in a while and i figure if it’s gone on this long and she’s still having trouble, there’s probably a foul mood over at the hacienda del hicks tonight. i feel for jeremiah if it’s going badly, becuase once a person gets into a computer mess it’s just no fun for anybody.

it’s kind of a sickness when that’s going on to you. you can’t really listen to reason when you’re having a computer problem and other people are giving you advice on it. you kind of have to just work through it yourself, and other people pretty well have to just leave you alone until you come out of it… otherwise, wars ensue. may the force be with them

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