web server down. repeat: we got a web server down.


8:55 smtp died on JMARK case manager. scary…. 60% of CM procedures involve checking to see whether an email needs to be generated, thus opening and closing CDONTS objects in preparation. standard coder thing here. yes, i could open and close objects only at the last minute when they’re needed, but during conditional loops, it’s handy to open and close outside the loop so that i don’t have to write multiple instances of the loop. in hindsight, a subroutine would have solved the problem and gotten me out of the woods, but this great little line of code, added to the main include file, saved the day and allowed me to troubleshoot with a calm mind rather than constantly freaking out that everything was down: “on error resume next”

i think an update did this to us, but this article told me how to fix it. WHEW. that was a big deal.


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