Why I Think Mind Mapping Isn’t Crazy (And The Tool I Use)

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Don’t write this off. Just don’t. I know that “mind mapping” sounds like a weird, touchy-feely thing that people do right before they go off to yoga class and never do anything productive with their day. Not so. If you will learn to effectively map out your goals you’ll be much better at actually achieving them. If you’re still resistant to trying out this tool, do yourself a favor and get some 3×5 index cards out and put your goals there. If you’re not willing to do that, I can’t help you. Once you’ve done that and seen the benefit, come back to this guide and give XMind a try.

In this post I mention the method I use to reach my goals. XMind is a huge part of the planning process, and is my basecamp when reviewing goal progress.

  1. Map out the areas of your life where you’d like to succeed
  2. Add goals to each area of your life
  3. Add the most important thing you need to do in 5 years to reach that goal, then work your way back to 1 year, then to 6 months, and so on – all the way back to TODAY.
  4. Tag the goals (F3) with categories that line up to the categories you use in Outlook or the Labels you use in Google.
  5. Use XMindLook or XMindSync to send your must-do steps to your todo list.


LINK: The method I use for reaching my goals

LINK: Map Your Strategy (HBR)


LINK: XMindLook for sending your goals to Outlook

LINK: XMind Sync for sending your goals to Online Task managers


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