Capturing Meeting Action Items and Notes with OneNote

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If you had the previous version of this guide, you’ll notice that Microsoft OneNote has replaced Evernote in my list of recommended tools. In truth, either is a fine choice; you can probably be effective with either tool. OneNote integrates so naturally with Microsoft Outlook that it brings a host of useful features that in my opinion cannot be found anywhere else.

Meeting Notes and Todos

While I don’t recommend having your nose stuck in a computer during meetings, it can be helpful to use a computer to capture the deliverable to-do items at the end or after the meeting. OneNote is a great tool for this. With simple keyboard shortcuts and mouse options it’s easy to capture what was discussed in the meeting and who needs to do what by when. The notes are even tied directly to the meeting so you can click back and see who was there and what was on the agenda. If any of those to-do items are on you to deliver, a few clicks of the mouse transfer the information into Outlook with due dates, reminders, and anything else you need to make sure you don’t let anyone down.


If you conduct a lot of meetings, or just need to record a lot of the same types of information, the template feature is great for making sure you only have to open and type. If you get a note formatted the way you like it, you can save it as a template for later use. This saves time, and provides consistency when reviewing and sharing the information you’ve captured.

OneDrive Storage

Although OneDrive isn’t my online file vault of choice, I do recommend it for use with OneNote.  OneNote makes use of Microsoft’s “freemium” OneDrive service. The free included space offers plenty of room to store loads of notes, but if you run low you can purchase more from Microsoft with ease. Storing your notes in OneDrive allows you to share notes between PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, and web app.

LINK: Why I love Microsoft OneNote


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This post is part of the series The Best Tools and Techniques for Winning at Business and Life

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