Long-distance Kanban with Trello

My team recently had to make the switch from the traditional artifacts associated with scrum – white boards, racing stripe, sticky notes, and paper everywhere – to an electronic tool.

Finding a suitable replacement that works as well as paper was more difficult than I thought it would be. We tested several products, including WordPress plugins, standalone web applications, and also tried repurposing existing apps we already used. We even considered writing a homegrown kanban app when all other roads appeared to have dead ends.

For some reason Trello came to mind. It was an app I had heard about years ago and dismissed as irrelevant; but in minutes I was able to perfectly duplicate everything that had previously been on our physical scrum board.  A few more clicks and the team was up and running and able to manage projects and todos efficiently, easily.   It requires little to no thought to set up, and works from any device.

When in meetings a few weeks ago I was able to quickly collect a few ideas and convert them into stories using my iPhone. Now what previously was good enough had proven to be better than the physical tool.

If your team is spread out in different locations I suggest checking out Trello.


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